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       Located on the outskirts of Bangalore city this Bio-sciences industry has been treated with waterfalls , seasonal flowering trees , recreational spaces , parking areas with shade and sports venues. 

As you drive into the industry you are greeted with the natural stone boulder waterfall on one side and due to the level differences on the other side step gardening with a different colourful flower on each level has been provided. 

A line of plush and grand palm trees  leads you down the road towards the parking spaces.


        The stark look and feel on the industrial buildings within the complex has been softened starting at the bottom at road level where the transition between the horizontal hard-scape and the building line has been treated with flowering manicured hedges. The next layer in the Palm trees that sit between the hedges and the building line that visually softens the vertical building elevation. 


       A the back of the site recreation spaces for the employees to enjoy their lunch and free hours under shade trees looks on the the basketball and volleyball courts.


       Providing recreational spaces is important for company moral. As humans we have a deep connection with nature and when we are put into an environment that is green and fresh our work culture improves and longevity in the company increases.

Client : Anthem Biosciences PVT LTD

Project Type : Landscape Design

Year : 2016

Area : 9,951 sqft

Status : Unbuilt

Team : Azeez Izzy, Nikhil Cariappa

Anthem Biosciences
Harohalli, Bangalore

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