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       As you leave the busy street in the high end part of town colourful flowers guide you up towards the elegant facade of the store which has a classical charm with window displays showcasing the bespoke collection of high end fashion. 


       Walking into the space the first thing that catches you eye is the fusion of classical and contemporary. 

The ceiling is a intricate pattern of metal work that is finished with a gold touch that adds a level of sophistication to the space. Walls are treated with classical paneling which has subtle colours that don’t take away from the unique clothing on display but compliment and highlight them.


       Racks were designed to maximize the display area along with glass platforms on the top and bottom to showcase accessories and art work.


       The storage and office space is hidden away at the back and access to them is through a door that is camouflaged in the paneling. 

Client : Apoorva Kumar

Project Type : Interior Design

Year : 2017

Area : 1,495 sqft

Status : Completed 

Team : Azeez Izzy, Nikhil Cariappa

Armadio Showroom
Indiranagar, Bangalore

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