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Client : Agastya & Madhavi 

Project Type : Interior Design

Year : 2016 - 2017

Area : 1,890 sqft

Status : Completed 

Team : Azeez Izzy, Nikhil Cariappa

Epsilon Villa F8
Yemalur, Bangalore

       Located in a sophisticated gated community surrounded by nature almost takes you back to old Bangalore. 

As you walk into the  pitched roof house the first thing that surprises you in the wonderful double height space is an intricate interlocking leaf pattern veneer ceiling which holds your gaze. The wooden ceiling runs the entire length of  one side of the pitched roof. 

       As you look up at the detailed veneer work you realize that the ceiling not only has a interlocking leaf pattern but also has a play in two different axis’s  that allows light to be reflected just as a natural leaf would. This translates to each side of the leaf appearing to have a different colour.


       The intricate veneer leaf pattern ceiling is replicated in the library/ family room which looking into the double height space.

       The house is surrounded by nature. As you walk through the house towards the back you step out into the back garden where a stand along island bar awaits surrounded by grass you walk into a space detailed with intricate veneer work and colourful bougainvillea plants that create a canopy above.

epsilon villa F8 title
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