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The Little Box café
Residency Road, Bangalore

Client : Gita Budhrani

Project Type : Café Design

Area : 355 sqft

Year : 2015 

Status : Unbuilt

Team : Azeez Izzy, Nikhil Cariappa

       A quaint space attached to a chocolate store in the heart of the city just a stones throw away from The Bangalore Club. The space conceptually is a small cafe to grab a quick bite but at the same time sheltering you from the harsh conditions outside. 


       An extruded wooden portal with gaps to let light and ventilation through form the  screen and a green roof along with comfortable seating give you a level of privacy and still maintain visual connection with the world outside. 


       The concept was to enter at one end of the portal, have seating on either side and a walkway in the centre that leads you to the display and cashier at the other end of the portal. This simplicity in design is easy to get into the space grab a to go coffee or muffin or even take a seat to watch the traffic go by on a calm evening with beautiful Bangalore weather.

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