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soumya nandivada studio title

Client : Soumya Nandivada

Project Type : Interior Design

Area : 1,300 sqft

Year : 2017 - 2018 

Status : Completed

Team : Azeez Izzy, Nikhil Cariappa

Soumya Nandivada Studio
Mathikere, Bangalore

       Entering the boutique your immediately transported into a pretty rose gold space, filled with flowers dangling from the racks above. The sleek clothing racks and finished in rose gold as well that sit in front of a unique light pink textured wall. 

       A laser cut screen divides the boutique space and the workshop space at the back. At the focal point of the boutique is a classical swing that acts as the main seating surrounded by benches and low height seating. Above the coffee table is a elegant chandelier that visually holds the space together. 

       Changing room is in the corner where a plush curtain provides privacy. The roof consists of massive floor to ceiling mirrors placed at an angle against the wall which provides an extra dimension along with functionality. 

       The cement finished floor provides a level of contrast with the subtly pastel coloured walls. The walls don’t take too much attention from the bespoke couture clothing that is the main highlight at the fabulous store.   

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