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srinivasan farmhouse title

Client : Chaitanya Srinivasan

Project Type : Architecture

Year : 2016

Area : 9,415 sqft

Status : Unbuilt

Team : Azeez Izzy, Nikhil Cariappa

Srinivasan Farmhouse
Outer Ring Road, Mysore

       The meandering canals that form the intricate irrigation waterways of the Krishna Raja Sagara Dam run through the three acre property dividing it into two parts. One acre at the back and two acres in the front where a mangrove of coconut trees dot the site .  Strategically placed between the trees this floating flat slab ground floor structure sprawls parallel to the canal in length. 

       As you drive up towards the house the entire landscaped property is on the right forming green flowing lawns. A large wall divides the parking on one side and the pool on the other. As you get down from your car you walk parallel to the pool , the  bar and the outdoor bonfire space which visually carries you to the house that is elevated from the pool level. 

       The concept to this Canal house was to provide a unique view from every room in the house. In order to provide that a central spine was created which forms the walkway and rooms are placed on either side of the spine leading you to the master bedroom at the end

       In order for each room to receive maximum light and ventilation courtyards were created in-between the rooms thereby creating no common walls between the spaces. The ceiling was further elevated off the walls. This allows you to see the full extend of the cantilevered room over the balcony outside. The flat slab room allows the roof to look seamless without and beams at the bottom.

       As you walk around the house the exposed wire cut brick walls painted white further elongate the longitudinal house visually. This gives the structure a more grounded look and feel.

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