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       Walking into this tiny space and looking up and a metal and acrylic origami ceiling that almost seems like its floating which gives you the luxury to see the full height of the room and also the unique experience of loft living. The acrylic panels are faceted which allows them to reflect light depending on what angle you view them. 


       The relatively heavy ceiling called for the walls to be neutral where texture was given more importance than colour. In the true concept of a loft, exposed brick painted white reflected more light but unified the space. 


       Hooks on the wall to mount a unique bicycle along with retro filament bulbs make the space warm and at the same time functional. 


       The apartment was designed to be a bachelor pad  which called for a play with black & white and dark wood to bring warmth to the space along with a level of sophistication. 

Client : Gagan Ramesh

Project Type : Interior Design

Area : 1,100 sqft

Year : 2016 - 2017 

Status : Completed

Team : Azeez Izzy, Nikhil Cariappa

Sunland Boutique Apartment 202
Chalghatta, Bangalore

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